Skakun & Spadine

See videos of performances here:

The Modular Sound Sculpture refers to “organ” as both body part and musical instrument and requires physical use of the entire body to play. The organ components of the sculptures are designed after musical organs and also function as vital organs for the sculptures to breathe and route air through a system of pumps, tubing, and bellows.

In 2014, Skakun was struck by a car while on her bike and left unable to walk for a year. This work is informed by the process of learning to walk again after being broken. The structure of the organs are designed after physical therapy equipment; the See-Saw is a scaled up balance board, the Benches is a cable and pulley machine.

A central theme of our work is endurance and the meditative and ecstatic qualities that long form repetitive actions create. As the performers physically play the organs, air generated from their movements is pushed into clear balloons until one balloon pops, creating the loudest sound of the performance.